VIDEO: Singer-Songwriter Joshua Thomas at Tin Angel

joshua thomas singer tin angel

There’s something about seeing shows at Tin Angel that leaves me, as Whitney would say, so emotional, baby. The cozy, narrow room. Romantic, candle-lit tables. The music. The last time I saw a show there, a Girls Rock Philly affair, I was literally moved to tears during one singer’s rendition of Minnie Riperton’s “Loving You.” On the stage she stood, hitting all those high notes, while I sat below sobbing like a baby, enamored by the gorgeous sound that was coming out of her mouth. I had a similar experience last night when seeing Joshua Thomas.

The out singer-songwriter performed a handful of soulful tunes from his last LP, Halfway, and a few new ones that will appear on his next album. The acoustic set found him moving back and forth between his keyboard and guitar, and at times he was accompanied by cellist Kirin McElwain.

He particularly dazzled on the keys, where he played, among other things, a superb cover of Mariah’s “Dreamlover” that had all the gays and young ladies boppin’, and the succinct but moving “Halfway,” the song in which he first opens up about his sexuality. His best guitar moment was the haunting and mellow”The Hunter.” (This is when my eyes started to burn.) His voice really is so powerful, and he crooned in a way that made you feel like he was singing every song right to you. I was melting.

Enjoy these videos of some of the aforementioned performances, plus a cover of his diva inspiration Joni Mitchell’s “Carey.” To keep up with what Joshua will be doing next,  you can follow him via Facebook, Twitter or his website. I talked to him a bit after the show, and he told me he is going to start working on his next album soon, and that he may be doing a Kickstarter to fund it. If so, it’ll definitely be something worth supporting. This guy’s the real deal.