Sharon Needles’ 13 Best Horror Movies

If any drag queen can claim Halloween as her own, it’s gotta be Sharon Needles, the spooky, piercing-eyed winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4. Here, she stakes her rightful claim as the Grand Ghoul of All Hallow’s Eve by anointing the 13 best horror flicks.

Check below for the list, here with commentary by Needles, trailers and links to rent them on Netflix.

* indicates ones available on Instant Streaming

Poltergeist II*: “Most people hate a sequel, but this one really shows its chops.”

The Return of the Living Dead: “It’s got it all: zombies, full-frontal nudity and the best punk-rock soundtrack around.”

Brain Damage“It really is a social commentary on America’s obsession with drugs.”

Seed of Chucky*: “Like me, Seed of Chucky is not afraid to make fun of itself.”

Night of the Demons“No Grade-A horror movie is complete without a great dance number.”

Funny Games (U.S. version): “The reason I like the American version of Funny Games is because I don’t like other countries.

Slither*: “This movie really has it all. Where it lacks in computer effects, it completely excels in technical effects.”

Sleepaway Camp 2*: “Proof that you should never mess with a transexual.”

Killer Klowns from Outer Space“Mommy, where do babies come from? When clowns, who likes to kill people, comes from outer space, they shoot a gun that shoots our popcorn seeds, and then they make a baby. A baby clown from outer space, and he’s going to kill you.” (Not available on Netflix.)

Fire in the Sky*: “It’s the most terrifying alien movie ever made, well, next to Mac and Me.”

Repossessed“Or as I like to call it, Exorcist 4.”

Dead Alive“Duh, it’s the most goriest horror movie of all time. I’m sure they blew their entire budget on fake blood.”

Piranha 3D“Lorena Bobbit move out of the way, these piranhas have got you beat.”