Freddie Mitchell Blames Tax-Evasion on Head Injuries

Makes judge watch "League of Denial."

Freddie Mitchell, who in March pleaded guilty to participating in a tax-fraud scheme that attempted to cheat the government out of millions, is now claiming that head injuries led to his criminal behavior.

(Cue Eagles fans screaming: C’mon, he was always avoiding contact!) But seriously, on the heels of League of Denial? Who knows. In fact, that’s precisely the film his attorneys showed an Orlando judge during a sentencing hearing on Thursday, to try to convince her Mitchell may have been suffering from the same brain trauma many of the film’s subjects had.

When a Florida reporter asked, “Mr. Mitchell, why did your brain injury cause you to break the law?,” his attorney replied: “This is an epidemic going on in the NFL where it was hidden for many years. It’s now come to light.” Either way, I can think of one writer who might just agree with Mitchell and co.

Below, exhibit A?