Sixers Now Letting You See Them Play for Free

Practice. We're talking about practice.

As my colleague Joel Mathis has noted, the Sixers’ new slogan “Together We Build” is pretty much the most pathetic, defeatist thing we’ve ever seen. (The announcement of said slogan also features the most over-the-top press release since John Lithgow did Gingrich on Colbert.) Which is appropriate, because as I type, the team is currently losing to the Bobcats–the Charlotte effing Bobcats!–by 30 points at halftime in a preseason game. To try to gin up fan support, the team is not, as I suggested, signing Jason Collins, but letting us see these mediocrities for free.

This Saturday, this Sixers will be holding an open practice at the Palestra, where fans can get up close and personal with the team. Which will also be a great way for the fans to learn the names of the players they’ll be watching this season. Admission is free. Doors at 10. “Show” at 11. [CBS 3]