Swarthmore Punishing Frat for Racy Flyer

School's sex problems refuses to end.

For several years, Swarthmore fraternity Phi Psi (one of two on campus) has been recruiting members using a flyer composed of little teeny pictures of naked women. This year, amid a set of ongoing controversies regarding the school’s alleged “rape culture,” that flyer’s generating more controversy than usual.

Earlier this week, a petition was started in response to the flyer, demanding that the college pull funding for frat parties (the school funds frat parties?) until ten percent of all campus members were women. The school’s not going that far, but they announced certain punitive measures yesterday.


Members of Phi Psi, the school told the Huffington Post yesterday, must undergo special sensitivity training before being allowed to resume recruitment activity. For what it’s worth: The 10% demand likely stems from a student referendum last year that paved the way for co-ed frats. Whether women actually want to join frats that don’t seem entirely woman-friendly is another story. Either way,