How to Make the Best Hoagie in Philly

No discussion of the eating habits of Philadelphians would be complete without sandwiches. Here, our suggestions for constructing the best one this hoagie-loving city can provide.

Photo by Jason Varney.


Amoroso’s and Sarcone’s are infallible, but for a softer roll, Del Buono’s Bakery is a consistent favorite. Also, Baker Street Bread makes fantastic Pullman and square loaves in many varieties, like subtle sourdough and a whole wheat that’s buoyant and sweet.


Di Bruno’s is known for triple creams and fancy blues, but an equal amount of attention is put toward house-aging domestic and imported sharp provolone, gruyère and cheddar.


Rieker’s Prime Meats has both creamy and sinus-clearing German mustards that can make even a subpar sandwich zippy. Wedge + Fig has sweet and savory spreads and cheese plates with accompanying mustards.


If you’re looking to go a step above Boar’s Head (which we prefer to Dietz & Watson), the house-roasted, deeply seasoned meats that make the sandwiches at world-renowned Famous Fourth Street Deli are available to go.Also, the spectacular handcrafted salumi from Wilmington’s Maiale can be found weekly at the Artisan Exchange market in West Chester.