Meet the Sixers Player Who Refuses to Take Airplanes

How will the team deal with Royce White's anxiety disorder?

This summer, the Sixers’ new GM Sam Hinkie traded for a promising, versatile, fascinating 22-year-old power forward named Royce White. Last season, White played for Houston, where Hinkie used to work. Except, he didn’t really play last season. That’s in part because White suffers from a severe anxiety disorder–including a crippling fear of flying on planes–and wrangled with the Rockets all season about trying to get treatment and health exemptions from the team.

As far as I can tell, he still refuses to fly. While it remained unclear through the summer what White’s role would be with the team, the Inquirer is reporting that White is working out with the team and will participate in media day today. In what figures to be another depressing season for the Sixers, White’s mental illness–and the team’s reaction to it–is one to follow.

Update: It should be noted that the team is flying to Europe for a couple exhibition games. Guess we’ll find out then.