Penn State Truthers Now Attacking Ex-NBAer John Amaechi

These people realize they’re now just embarrassing their school, right? Ex-NBA player and Penn State alum John Amaechi, most famous for coming out as gay after his retirement, is slated to serve as the Grand Marshal for PSU’s homecoming parade. For a couple years now, an unruly band of angry alums (read: Joe Paterno truthers) have been upset at Amaechi for expressing regret for his past involvement with Jerry Sandusky’s charity and criticizing the most ardent defenders of Joe Paterno. So they’re attacking him in a pretty ugly way, presumably to express their displeasure with his pending return to campus.

The complaints have recently escalated into full scale hate messages directed towards Amaechi according to Walter, including racist and homophobic slurs. These messages have been received by both Homecoming and Amaechi on Twitter and via Email over the last several weeks. As a result, Amaechi has reconsidered his participation in the event.

President Rodney Erickson, who’s received similar missives, has already withdrawn from the event. [Onward State]