In New ‘Rolling Stone’ Profile, Miley Cyrus Says Philly Influenced Her New Style

The pop star says the time she spent in Philly last year was her "best summer ever."

Miley Cyrus is front and center on the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone (RS). In true Miley fashion, she’s posing topless, her mascara’s running and, of course, her tongue’s hanging out of her mouth. This new, edgy image is one we’ve gotten used to over the past year, but who would have thought Philadelphia inspired it?! Check out this quote from the RS profile written by Josh Eells in which she talks about the time she spent in Philly last summer: 

But it was last summer, in Philadelphia, where she really found her new style. She was living there with [Liam] Hemsworth, who was filming a movie with Harrison Ford.

“Best summer ever,” Miley said. “Have you ever been to South Street in Philly? That’s where I got my first chain. Sixteen bucks — not real. I was away from people for a minute, and I just started feeling my own vibe. I bought a pair of Doc Martens. I shaved my head. Driving a fucking Ford Explorer around. Just blending in.”

Does that mean we’re to blame for that VMA performance? Maybe she should have spent more time in Rittenhouse …

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