Phillies Rank 14th on GQ’s Worst Sports Franchise List

They voted us the worst sports fans in America in 2011, and now GQ has returned to throwing shade by way way of Philly. This time, it’s the Phils that have captured the man-primping mag’s ire, GQ having listed our boys the 14th worst sports franchise in America.

Et tu, GQ? Well, we can’t really argue with their logic, which, of course, includes:

  • First of two American teams to lose more than 10,000 games.
  • Two World Series victories in 130 years of playing (same for the Blue Jays, but they started in 1977).
  • An extremely low all-time record, far below .500.

Still, though, they’re our boys—the World Fucking Champions. If you want to let a little thing like winning regularly bother you, this ain’t your team. [GQ]