Philly Cop Claims He Was Harassed By Superior for Being Gay

Officer N. Melville Jones claims a homophobic superior moved him to an unwanted shift and referred to him "Mel Jones Cums" on inner-office paperwork.

The Daily News reports that a lawsuit was filed this week in the Court of Common Pleas by a gay police officer who claimed he was moved to an unwanted graveyard shift after his supervisor found out he was gay, plus, as the article states: 

[The supervisor Daniel Castro] circulated a memo on which [gay police officer N. Melville] Jones was listed as “Mel Jones Cums,” according to the lawsuit. Castro’s behavior went unchecked in a police department in which gay cops generally are “subject to harassment, held in low esteem and are at an increased risk of harm,” Jones’ lawyer, Gerald Jay Pomerantz, said. Jones is seeking unspecified damages for emotional distress, Pomerantz said. Jones, a 15-year veteran who still works for the department, filed two complaints with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, but neither was substantiated.

Read the rest of The Daily News story here.

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