Study Confirms NFL Fans Eat the Pain Away After Losses

A recent study from the INSTEAD business school confirms it: NFL fans eat worse the day following a loss than a win, meaning that we collectively drown our competitive sorrows in carbs and trans fats. As per the study:

“One day after a defeat, Americans eat 16 percent more saturated fat, and 10 percent more calories. But on the day after a victory of their favorite team, then it’s the opposite. They eat more healthily. They eat 9 percent less saturated fat, and 5 percent fewer calories. There was no effect in cities without a team or with a team that didn’t play.”

So, basically, we either use food as a security blankie or a punishment for poor performance or some combination thereof. The good news is, though, now we can measure how poorly the Eagles are playing by the number of cheesesteaks we eat in a given season.

After all, as a Philly sports fan, you learn to look for the silver lining. Or, you know, a tip for the delivery guy. [CBS]