Police Say This Former Drexel Student Sold Pot, Robbed Customers

A lesson to all college students: if you’re gonna sell drugs, don’t rob your customers. That’s called Dealing 101, but former Drexel student Daniel Painitsky, 20, must have missed that bit of street education.

Police say Painitsky, who stopped attending the University in 2011, sold 20 pounds of pot a week out of his Powelton Village home, serving as a high-level distributor to drug dealers at other area schools. So, basically, he’s the millennial version of Heisenberg, except for one thing: he took a liking to robbing his clients post-deal.

Painitsky evidently enlisted the help of neighborhood robber Melvin Lewis, 42, who would rob the dealer’s customers after pickup so the two could split the loot. But that type of greed, as Lieutenant John Walker told NBC, is often the downfall of wily criminals everywhere:

“People get greedy and that’s how you get caught. This kid clearly got greedy.”

So, all you would-be drug dealers out there, take this bit of advice: only commit one felony at a time. Take it slow. You’ll get away that way for sure. [NBC]