Shore Man Reunited with 50-Year-Old Message in a Bottle*

50 years have passed since I wrote my note…

In 1963, a twelve-year-old boy cast a message in a bottle* while on vacation in Seaside Heights. A half-century later, Hurricane Sandy washed it onto the driveway of a woman who lived two-tenths of a mile from the place from which little Dennis Komsa released it.

“To whom it may concern, Please fill out the following questions and mail. This is a scientific experiment by Dennis Komsa, age 12.”

It included his Paterson address and noted that 5 cents was enclosed to buy the stamp needed to reply.

Here’s what Komsa wanted to know:

Where was the jar found?

When was it found?

How was it found?

“Anything else which might help me?”

It doesn’t appear to have ever made it off the Shore. Komsa’s likely problem? He put it in a dang Mason jar!* Come on man! Now: Obligatory Police video.