Philly ‘Chopped’ Chef Starts New Lesbian Party After Sisters Closes

Crystal Fox and partner Natalie Nuzzi are looking to fill a void left in Philly's women's party scene.

You could almost hear the Gayborhood gasp last Monday when General Manager Denise Cohen posted on Facebook that Sisters — the only lesbian bar in the city of Philadelphia — was closing after 17 years. Soon after, the bar’s Facebook wall exploded with supporters expressing sympathy and sharing memories, but when the status updates stopped there was a glaring question on everyone’s lips: What does this mean for Philly’s women’s party scene?

Naturally, all eyes turned to Stimulus, the lady-fueled ragers hosted by Amber Hi and Morgan Levine, but those parties only happen twice a month. A girl needs more options. So Giorgio on Pine Executive Chef  (and 2007 Chopped contestant) Crystal Fox and longtime Sisters bartender Natalie Nuzzi began toying with ways to fill a void in Philly’s nightlife scene that’s been empty since long before Sisters closed. “[The closing of Sisters perpetuated] this idea that girls don’t party, that we want to stay at home, be with our pets and watch Lifetime movies,” she says. “But we wanted to show that the women’s dollar is important … that there is a place for women’s events in Philadelphia.” 

The interest is definitely there. It only took a few days before she had a space lined up, DJs booked and — voila! — a new party night was born. LickR: Girl Party will debut at Valanni during OutFest, on October 13, and feature a number of entertainers who have performed at Sisters over the years, including DJ Trish and Sisters Siren Timaree. Fox says she wants to see how the first one goes before she commits to making it a monthly affair, but at least there is another lady-party option for now. “That was the point,” she says.”We just want to bring partying back to women. Because we all still like to do that.”

To stay abreast of LickR developments, follow the party’s Facebook page.

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