Corbett Too Humble to Disclose Beachfront Vacation Home

Tom Corbett, so modest. Most of us, upon purchasing beachfront property in beautiful Hilton Head, South Carolina, would have splashed the news all over our Facebook pages. Not the governor, who tempered by his usual humility, declined to disclose his vacation home. In fact, it took a Right-to-Know request from those paparazzi over at NPR’s StateImpact to find out that Corbett had bought the $265,000 condo. Apparently this shyness runs through Corbett’s entire administration: Former DEP chief Michael Krancer (now a natural gas industry rep) didn’t disclose a $1 million home in the ski resort town of Stowe, Vermont, StateImpact found. Hasn’t Corbett–who also decided not to brag about this recent Rhode Island vacation–been tormented enough? Perhaps its time we repeal the invasive 1984 “Code of Conduct” that mandates the governor and his staff disclose their real estate interests. [StateImpact]