Did Jay Z Really Dedicate “99 Problems” to Charlie Manuel?

Update [9:30 a.m.] Philly.com’s Mike Bertha, who wrote about the show, told me the dedication “definitely didn’t happen.” Philly Mag social media editor Jack Cotter was also there, and confirms that he didn’t hear Jay Z say anything about Charlie Manuel. (Then again, he was all but enraptured by the “Motown Philly” sample JZ/JT dropped into “Take Back the Night.”) And…they’re right. The whole thing was a joke, which was then repeated as fact on social media and CBS 3–the very same news outlet from which the mock report originated!


Yes, apparently, he did.

Why? Because he’s a cruel man who likes to stomp all over a man’s recently-earned 1,000th career win? No–because Manuel quoted ’99 Problems’ a couple weeks ago during a radio appearance.

Let me tell you something like this, I got 99 problems and a contract and managing next year, is not one of my problems.

Jay Z, closet WIP listener.