That Was Fast: Say Goodbye to Cronuts on the Main Line

Earlier today, we brought you the news that the Royal Cafe in Wayne was selling “cro-nuts” for $10 that they had purchased from the Swiss Haus Bakery in Center City for $5. This afternoon, Swiss Haus owner Jim Hausman emailed me to tell me he would no longer sell Cronuts (Swiss Cro-Cremes, they call them) to the Royal Cafe.

We take offense that the Royal cafe has taken our product, doubled the price, and renamed it as if it is their own. In addition, we suggest to all of our customers to eat the product within 6 hours of its making for maximum freshness and flavor. Due to these facts and others, we have made a decision to discontinue selling the cro-creme to the Royal Cafe.

Good for them. $10 is bullshit for a Cronut. Also, as I noted in the original piece, if you want a cheap croissant-donut melange and you live in the suburbs, hit up Paris Baguette in Elkins Park, which sells them for $3.50 and doesn’t just buy them from another bakery. To sum up: Either the Royal Cafe will never sell a Cronut again, or they’re going to start hiring undercover customers to bring them pastries from Swiss Haus. Bakery wars!