Former Eagles Employees Start Uber-Fantasy Football League

Ever wish Fantasy Football were just a little nerdier? Does your wife think you spend too much time with her? Two former Eagles employees have just the thing for you!

Reality Sports Online takes the experience of being a virtual general manager up two or three notches. A long-term deal for a star running back who rips up his knee playing basketball in the offseason? A big multiyear offer for a fading quarterback whose best days are behind him? It’s going to hurt in the fantasy sports world Wendell and Papson have created, where players are signed to multiyear deals and salary cap restrictions mimic what general managers face in the real world.

RSO is charging $9.99 per team and is targeting the 10 million or so hard-core fantasizers who pay for advanced leagues like their own. (By the way, Stephen Papson was a law clerk for the Eagles and Matt Wendell was a salary cap analyst.) [Fortune]