Curt Schilling Had a Heart Attack in 2011

Curt Schilling, who was a member of the Phillies long before that “bloody sock” nonsense, said in a weekend interview he had a heart attack in 2011. The Schillings believe it was related to the failure of his video game company, which went bankrupt the next year.

The Schillings say they have lost almost everything. Even the bloody sock the former Red Sox pitcher wore in the 2004 postseason has been sold.

It’s not worth having a heart attack over, a visitor tells him.

“Uh, I already did, actually,” says Schilling. “Yeah, I did, a couple of years ago. Nobody knows that, actually.”

A mild one?

“It was a decent one,” he says. “It’s not something . . .”

His voice trails off and his eyes dart around Champions Stadium.

“I had one, and it was dealt with.”

.The attack occurred at the New York Marathon, he says. The family flew back to Boston before he went to a hospital; doctors told him h was very lucky to have survived.