Sleeping Camden Cop Pic Prompts Investigation

Crime fighting: There’s no question it’s hard work. In Camden, where the crime rate is more than five times the national average, it’s super hard. Which, of course, is why you see this currently unidentified Camden cop dozing in his police cruiser. Criminals are just so hard to catch, it’s like they don’t want to go to jail or something.

The Camden County Police Department is currently investigating the tuckered-out officer in the photo, saying that they’re “deeply concerned” by the incident. An officer speaking on the condition of anonymity said that it was the officer in question’s first day working after a change to the night shift, 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. A former Camden City officer also defended the sleepy cop, saying “mitigating circumstances” (an illness or break in the day) could have been the cause for his heavy eyelids.

Sometimes, though, you’ve just got to nap. 12-times-higher-than-the-national-average murder rate be damned. []