Man Changes Genders Then Switches Back, Claims Amnesia Made Him Do It

ABC News Editor Don Ennis has had quite a confusing few months.

Photo from the New York Post.

I came across this wild story in the New York Post today and had to share.

An ABC News editor named Don Ennis has had a very confusing past few months. In May, he surprised co-workers when he walked into the newsroom in a dress and wig to announce that he was transitioning genders and that he would like to be called “Dawn.” Then, he announced he was leaving his wife of 17 years, started taking hormones and began living his life as a woman … until now. 

All of a sudden, he’s decided he’s actually not transgender, and that he’s going to start being Don again, blaming amnesia for his decision to switch in the first place. In a bizarre “nevermind” email to friends and colleagues, he wrote:

I am writing to let you know I’m changing my name . . . to Don Ennis. That will be my name again, now and forever. And it appears I’m not transgender after all. … I am now totally, completely, unabashedly male in my mind, despite my physical attributes.

I’m asking all of you who accepted me as a transgender to now understand: I was misdiagnosed.

I am already using the men’s room and dressing accordingly.

It’s so odd to be experiencing this from the other side; as recently as last Friday, I felt I was indeed a woman, in my mind, body and soul.

Even though I will not wear the wig or the makeup or the skirts again, I promise to remain a strong straight ally, a supporter of diversity and an advocate for equal rights and other LGBT issues including same-sex marriage.

What?! Read the rest of the story here.

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