Penn Not Happy With Buzzfeed’s Inevitable Penn List

Buzzfeed publish a list (of course) about Penn called “19 Signs You Went to Penn.” Including:

The list was apparently too obvious for Under the Button‘s Rachel Zurier.

But in “19 Signs You Went To Penn,” BuzzFeed just gets lazy. They dredge up facts that even the tour guides are getting tired of: Penn kids throw toast! Penn kids pretend they have sex under public art! Penn kids get confused with Penn State kids! Penn kids hate to walk all the way to DRL, man that is just so PENN of them!  While some of these tidbits are actually pretty cute and secret-y, like Sink-or-Swim or Shoutouts, most of them barely scratch at our complex, stereotyped surface.

Good Quakers of Penn, it’s a list. Lists are inherently full of gaps. That is what you signed up for upon clicking said list. (Go ahead, click it.) That said, we’re kind of looking forward to the rebuttal list UTB is promising. Coming soon: A comprehensive distillation of Penn’s varied and complex student body into a better collection of familiar images, familiar tropes, and if we’re really lucky, GIFs.