The School Crisis Explained, in 29 Super-Cheerful Facts* [Updated]

Update [4:30 p.m.]

During today’s SRC meeting, Superintendent William Hite delivered some good news for the beleaguered district. Newsworks reports:

Hite said the district now has an additional $33 million, which will be used to bring back about 220 secretaries, or at least one per school, and 66 traveling music teachers. He said the additional aid will also be used to restore fall sports, and support the turnaround of low-performing schools.

Hite didn’t specify exactly where the cash came from, though we know about half came from city and state funds. We do know that none probably came from the teacher’s union, which has so far not agreed to any givebacks.

*Oh, sorry, did I write cheerful? I meant terrifying. The Committee of 70 has published an explainer piece that begins with “This crisis is the worst we’ve ever seen” and ends with “With the sand slipping through the hourglass, it’s hard for anyone who cares about Philadelphia not to be very worried.” Read the rest of the list to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the deficit, layoffs, and general malaise afflicting public education in Philly. Or don’t, and just click on this photo of a naked guy on Broad Street. Your call.