Lenny Dykstra Read His First Book While in Prison

This week, Lenny Dykstra did his first interview since being released from prison last month. It was on a sports “vodcast” on the “Jon Lovitz Sports Network.” And fittingly, the show was hosted by one ex-baseball player who’s been booked for drug possession and another who admitted to steroid use…yesterday. At about the 2:45 mark of the chat, Lenny told us that prison was so horrible and boring it forced him to read his first book.

I actually read my first book in prison. You know I never read when I played baseball, and I didn’t read because I thought it would hurt my eyes. You know what I mean? So it would affect my hitting.

The interviewers were too inept to ask him which one. But I have a guess: Nailed!: The Improbable Rise and Spectacular Fall of Lenny Dykstra, Running Press, 2013.

h/t Philebrity