GOP Donors Line Up for Major Gay Marriage Campaign in New Jersey

"New Jersey United for Marriage Equality" will target the Republican legislators needed to overturn a veto Gov. Christie placed on a same-sex marriage bill last year.

Gay Pennsylvanians were sent into a tizzy yesterday when officials in Montgomery County vowed to offer marriage licenses to [any … same-sex couple who might approach the county … .” This was a major step in PA’s movement to bring gay marriage to the Keystone State, a move that would make it one of the last Northeastern states to have done so. Another one hanging in the lurks is our neighbor New Jersey, and today its rolling out a major marriage-equality campaign of its own. 

Today, the state’s leading LGBT advocacy group, Garden State Equality, and the ACLU are announcing the roll out of the “New Jersey United for Marriage” campaign, a movement that’s targeting Republican legislators to get the 3 senate and 12 Assembly votes needed to override a veto Governor Chris Christie placed on a same-sex marriage bill last year.

To get the job done, they’ve got big-name Republican donors and a lineup of Wall Street moneybags lined up with well-known national groups, like the Human Rights Campaign, American Unity Fund and Gill Action Fund. An article on The Wall Street Journal suggests that the GOP backing in particular presents “a wrinkle for Christie, who is running for a second term in the fall and is seen by many as a GOP presidential contender in 2016.” Will this influence of Republican opinion alter the bullheaded governor’s outspoken belief that a same-sex marriage measure should be put on a ballot for public vote? It’s doubtful, but we’ll see how it plays out in the coming months.

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