Bill Cosby Doesn’t Think There Was Anything Racist About the Trayvon Case

Bill Cosby, last seen bemoaning the Supreme Court’s decision to dismantle a key section of the Voting Rights Act, has decided to go contrarian on us again–his default, when it comes to race. “Let’s not go into a racial discussion unless we really have something there,” adding that “he found that the prosecution did not tell the story well. And they lost.” He did seem to suggest, however, that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law was a little out-there, delivered in classic Cosby-speak:

So you have a gun and you come up to me and I don’t have a gun, but then you show me your gun and I become frightened and according to the State of Florida, I have a right to defend myself. According to the State of Florida, the person with the gun has the right to defend him or herself. I mean this is getting out of line.