Almost 1/5 of Parents Think Their Baby Is Ugly. They Are Right.

MyFoxPhilly reports on a new study that indicates nearly 20 percent of parents think their baby is ugly:

According to the poll, nearly one in five parents were disappointed in the looks of their babies. One father even admitted that, objectively, his daughter looked disgusting when she arrived.

Many couples also report the need to keep their honest opinions secret and put on the brave face in public. According to the study, only an underwhelming eight percent of parents report discussing their new baby’s less-than-perfect looks with someone who isn’t their partner. Many polled admitted that they would get offended if others told them that their baby wasn’t beautiful.

If we’re grading on the curve, it’s probably the case that this horrifying 1/5 of parents who hate their children’s looks are right. After all, a breakdown of the bell-curve of attractiveness would probably look something like this:

Top 20 percent: Beautiful

Next 20 percent: Above average

Middle 20 percent: Average

Next 20 percent: Below average.

Bottom 20 percent: Ugly, ugly babies.

Now, now, now, don’t get upset. Of course all babies are beautiful. It’s just that some are more beautiful than others. Esepcially the ugly ones.