Mitch Williams Makes Ass of Himself, Becomes Internet Meme

Yesterday, MLB Network commentator and loser-of-the-1993-World-Series Mitch Williams decided that the reason a pitcher got smacked in the head with a line drive last September was because he wasn’t brushing back hitters enough with inside pitches. Brandon McCarthy, then with the A’s, now with the D-Backs, suffered a fractured skull and a brain hemorrhage. Difficult-to-watch footage here.

McCarthy, who’s proven to be quite the wit, had a comebacker of his own following Williams’s comment.

After that, as Deadspin notes, McCarthy single-handedly made Williams a trending topic on Twitter, using his own words against him.

Others have joined in too, though none of the digs are as good as McCarthy’s. By the way, if you put a former Phillie with zero analytical skills and a penchant for macho bluster on television, this is what happens.