Got $40k? There’s a TV in Ardmore Calling Your Name

If the bald eagles weren’t enough to prove that Philly is the heart of America, this big ‘ol TV ought to do it. Few things are more ‘Merica than a giant entertainment system, and this one, located at World Wide Stereo in Ardmore, is the most giant of them all. Standing at an pupil-dilating 84″ across, Samsung’s S9 Ultra HD television is limited to a 250-piece run and has tech guys all in a tizzy. But at $40,000, it ain’t cheap—not like, say, a projector, which cost around $1000 and can project a 100-inch screen on any flat service large enough for it. Samsung’s TV is, however, cool, and that goes a long way. Or, at least, that’s what they seem to be hoping.