LAST CALL: Tell Us Your LGBT Six-Word Memoir

There are lots of words to choose from, but which six line up to tell your story like a charm?

A month ago, we introduced you to our Six-Word Memoir Project, an opportunity for Philly LGBTers to tell their queer-life stories in six words and to have it published in the fall issue of G Philly. You can’t imagine the fun we’ve had reading the entries, which run the gamut from hilarious (“Zefron is looking fine tonight. Wait.”) to downright intriguing (“Life lesson: Never date gay magicians”), but a looming deadline is forcing us to pull the plug on new entries — almost.

Today is the last day to submit your mini-bio. If you don’t know, the gist is to tell us about your life in six words. It can be something to sum up your whole experience as a gay person, or describe a blip on the crazy timeline you call life.

To get it in, type your six words in the comment section below by midnight tonight, or email it to me at Our favorite entries will be published in the upcoming fall issue, and six authors will be chosen to read and share the stories behind their memoirs at a special story slam in October.

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