Philly Comic Doogie Horner Makes Inevitable Move to New York

30-something Philly comedian Doogie Horner, once named Philly’s “Phunniest” man, is decamping for New York. (Maybe if we didn’t insist on putting a friggin PH in front of every word, people would stick around.) He tells the Daily News that there’s more work there, and that the environment is just more high-stakes, professional, etc. Given his ballsy performance during an America’s Got Talent performance in NYC, we think he can handle it.

Here’s an excerpt from Philly Mag’s 2011 profile of Doogie.

His construction is old-school: deadpan delivery, short set-ups, and punch lines that don’t always detonate immediately, like comedy grenades. Horner looks out at the crowd and pulls the pin.

“The thing I miss most about my childhood is how the hood would cover the child’s eyes, and also muffle the child’s cries for help.”

Laughs ripple out across the crowd.

“At this time of year, I think it’s important to respect the holidays and honor the Christmas spirit. I celebrate Christmas in the traditional, biblical fashion by impregnating a virgin.”

The girls haven’t left yet. One of them looks appalled.

“Was that really so shocking?” Horner asks. “Are you a virgin?”

Now they’re all cracking up. The room is officially on his side.

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