500,000 To Participate In Annual Independence Day Exodus from Philly

Ah, July 4th. That time everybody from Philadelphia leaves for the beach, and everybody from outside of Philly comes into town to take pictures of a crack. What it’s like to be here on Independence Day, I won’t be able to tell you. Because I will not be here. I can report, however, that 547,999 others in the Philadelphia area will also be bouncing out of town. (Down slightly from last year.) And many of them, rather than heading to fancy resorts and restaurants, will be camping out.

In the Mid-Atlantic as a whole, AAA says, more people are planning to visit national or state parks, while fewer intend to dine out or go shopping, perhaps as a result of continued economic troubles. This year, 36 percent of Mid-Atlantic travelers plan to go to a park, up from 21 percent last year.