Report: Sixers CEO Adam Aron is Out [Updated]

Howard Eskin reports:

Just in time to not have any influence whatsoever over the NBA draft this Thursday.  Wasn’t so long ago that Aron graced the pages of this magazine, wearing a goofy red tracksuit, casually tossing an ABA-style ball in the air. But those were the halcyon days, coming off a glorious 35-31 season.

[Updated 11:40 p.m.] The Sixers have denied firing Aron, according to the Daily News. OK, then. The statement the team provided, however, doesn’t specify whether he’ll stay CEO or not. Eskin, for his part, is not buying the denial.

You have to wonder why they’d deny something that everyone would find out soon, anyways…But we agree, Howard, let’s c how it plays out.