PLAYDAR: 2013 Summer Single Report Card

DJ Patrick slaps a grade on some of this summer's most-talked-about tunes.

Summer comes and goes much too fast to be wasting time on songs that deserve no place on your warm-weather playlist. What makes the cut is an important decision, because, as we’ve learned over the years, it’s those tunes that define these sunniest of moments in our lives. So to make sure you don’t make any silly decisions, I’ve rounded up some of this season’s most-talked-about contenders and slapped a grade on them — A through F — to help you decide which songs will make blissful memories for years to come. So without further ado … 

Pop crooner Bruno Mars continues his string of hits from Unorthodox Jukebox with the release of “Treasure.” The song’s funky lounge swing is perfect for those steamy summer days and sexy summer nights. Grade: A

Sexy Mike Posner has returned with”The Way It Used To Be,” a fun, breezy and light track that seems to want to do nothing more than make love to your eardrums. Yes, please. Grade: A

Icona Pop’s “Girlfriend” is the electronic diva duo’s attempt to avoid one-hit wonder-dom after the smash that was — and still is —”I Love It.” The latest may not be as catchy and in-your-face as their previous effort, but I think it warrants them being upgraded to two-hit-wonder status. Grade: B

Ms. RiRi is hoping to add to her summer-hits catalog with the release of the David Guetta-accompanied “Right Now.” I think last year’s “Where Have You Been” was a better summer single — and who can forget that video? I’m sure radio will blast this electro-kissed thumper all season long, but it barely makes my cut. Grade: C+

Justin Timberlake is all set to release “Tunnel Vision” as the third single from his latest album, The 20/20 Experience. I tried to get into this track and couldn’t. The summer-y sway of “Let The Groove Get In” would have been a stronger contender. Grade: D

My prize summer single is “Shooting Stars” by Aussie indie duo Bag Raiders. A friend of mine re-introduced me to this amazing group recently, and i’ve been obsessed ever since. The fun groove and blissful beat is perfect for all things summer. This track will be valedictorian of my summer playlists for years to come. Grade: A+

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