Good Night! Sleep Tight! Don’t Let The Bedbugs Drive You To Commit Arson Against Yourself!

I hate it when this happens:

WOODBURY, N.J. –A homeowner trying to get rid of bed bugs sets the whole house on fire in South Jersey. Several people were hurt, including firefighters.

“They were just boarding everything up,” says Thomas Lanigan, when he came home Tuesday morning after hearing his neighbor’s house was on fire. They live on Penn Street in Woodbury.

Fire officials say the fire started after the people who lived at the house tried to get rid of bed bugs using a space heater, heat gun and hair dryer. Fire crews say they put it out and left but had to return because the fire reignited.

The house ended up being a total loss, reports say. Last year, our Johnny Goodtimes offered four, non-fire-based methods for getting rid of bedbugs.