Map Proves Philly Only City in the Country that Actually Says “Hoagie”

Everybody knows Philadelphians say things pretty…well, differently. Here’s a map created by North Carolina State grad student Joshua Katz that proves it. The blue parts? “Hoagie.” The red parts “Sub.” More precisely, according to Katz, 73.2% of Philadelphians use the term when describing a “long sandwich.” The rest? Clearly not from here.


Katz, who based his data off the expansive “dialect survey” created by linguist Bert Vaux, told me he’s a native of the Philadelphia area, so “the whole hoagie vs. sub thing was one of the primary motivations behind the whole project for me…” And for the record, the Haddonfield native’s favorite hoagie shop is DiVello’s, in Cherry Hill.

He’s got 121 other maps where this one came from, which measure the varied pronunciations and words different populations use for the same term. (I.e., “soda” or “pop”?)

[h/t Business Insider]