PLAYDAR: 6 Summer-Lounge Tracks to Cool Your Core

In this week's column, G Philly's resident DJ picks six summer jams to help beat the heat.

Every Friday, G Philly resident DJ Patrick DeMarco mixes a roundup of tunes to take you into the weekend.

I think I can speak on everyone’s behalf this week when I say I’ve been sweating like Amanda Bynes’ legal team these past few days. It’s hard to believe that, just a few days ago, the month of January made a cameo appearance and brought temperatures that were in the mid-40s. Now, here we are in the middle of the first heat wave of the summer in Philadelphia and, as we all know, it’s only the beginning of temperatures on the rise. There are many ways I like to cool down from my impending heat stroke, with one of them — obviously — being the oh-so-therapeutic feel of putting on my headphones and cooling off to the rhythm of a hypnotic lounge track. The songs I have posted for you guys and gays today have plenty of sexy beats and diva flair and, I promise, will stop you from melting in the middle of this heat.

What I love about a lounge groove is that it can be any genre of music. Whether it’s a smooth club rework or a relaxing tribal bounce,e ach style blends to perfection to create a refreshing vibe during these hot summer days and nights. Madonna, Britney, and Wynter Gordon are just a few of my favorite divas here whose songs and remixes have made it to the top of my summer-lounge playlist. Each track here has a different element of lounge style, and each one is on a mission to sensually seduce your eardrums.

Being one of my favorite genres, lounge tracks and remixes make up a huge chunk of my personal music collection. Whether you’re enjoying cocktails and the AC at Knock, or hanging in the bedroom and having your own late-night after-hours party, these songs will add to the soundtrack of a most fabulous and relaxing summer.

Oh, and before we get to the good stuff (the list!), I must point out that the first song is not a typo — that does say Brooke Hogan. Her song “Strip” is one of my favorite iced-out summer grooves. The vocals may be a bit cheesy (and auto-tuned to death), but all is forgotten with the trance-like feel and flow to the song. I’m sure that it even made her father, Hulk Hogan, blush the first time he heard it.

Everyone have a safe and happy beginning to your June, stay cool, and stay tuned for fun, summer-themed “Playdars” during the upcoming beach-body season!

1. “Strip” by Brooke Hogan

2. “Renegade” by Wynter Gordon, featuring Static Revenger

3. “Erotica/You Thrill Me (Confessions Tour Version)” by Madonna

4. “Breathe You In (Eric Kupper Remix)” by Samantha James

5. “Stronger (Miguel Migs Vocal Mix)” by Britney Spears

6. “Nightlife (Mike Rizzo Global Radio Mix)” by An Ya

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