27 Gotta-have-’em Queer Beach Reads

'Tis the season to waste away on the beach and read the queerest books money can buy.

It’s time to start stocking that bookshelf again (or iPad folder — whatever). BuzzFeed’s got a solid list of queer reads for the summer, ranging from Alan Downs’ shame-‘n’-blame story of “velvet rage,” to Jane Bowles’ classic Two Serious Ladies, a portrayal of two night-and-day women who go against the grain of societal norms in the 1940s. And if those aren’t gripping enough for you, read the true story of Alison Wearing in Confessions of a Fairy’s Daughter, the debriefing of how she, as a 12-year-old preteen, reacted to her father lifting the veil of illusion and stepping out of the closet as a big-ole queen in the ’70s.

How does this list stack up to yours? Check out BuzzFeed’s recommendations here, and share your own summer reads in the comment section below.

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