Actually, Tom Corbett Has One Latino Staff Member

Calm down lefty media hyperventilators! After you all jumped down Tom Corbett’s throat for his comment about having no Latino staff members, the Governor’s people put out a press release smack-down, pointing out that in fact they’ve actually got ONE Latino staffer, Maria Montero, the Director of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs.

I would have published this sooner, but I was waiting from a response from Corbett’s people confirming that there’s really no one else. In fairness, the administration also used to employ preternaturally grumpy Eli Aliva as Secretary of Health and nominated Ken Trujillo for Commissioner of the PLCB.

If you read this week’s Al Dia, by the way, he addresses these concerns in a little more depth than he got credit for, talking about Montero’s Commission, pointing out Trujillo’s nomination, and referring to Pedro Ramos, the head of the state/city hybrid-run School Reform Commission.