Diane Sawyer Profiling One of Philly’s “Most Dangerous” Schools Tonight on ABC News

With so much attention on underserved or struggling Philadelphia schools that are being shuttered, it can be easy to forget the persistently troubled schools that are staying open. The next episode in Diane Sawyer’s ABC’s documentary series “Hidden America”–a nod to Michael Harrington’s famous 1962 book The Other America–will feature Strawberry Mansion High School. Here’s how ABC is promoting the report, which airs this evening.

435 high school students beginning the year. 94 cameras. 6 school police officers. 2 metal detectors. Welcome to Strawberry Mansion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – considered one of the most dangerous high schools in the country for the last five years.

You can see how this might get a little sensationalized. And by the end of the report, we’ll inevitably be greeted with an forced dose of camera-ready optimism and resolve. For a more comprehensive look at violence in Philly public schools, circle back to the Inky’s 2011 Pulitzer-winning series “Assault on Learning.”