Six Months After Sandy, Cat Returns Home

During Hurricane Sandy, Porsche the cat—yes, that’s really the cat’s name—from home in Chadwick Island, Toms River to Point Pleasant, eight miles away. The cat escaped. Now the Philly Daily News reports she’s back home with her owners, having somehow made the journey over the last few months.

“I never gave up hope,” said Uranie Roberts, 86, Porsche’s owner. She returned to the house in Chadwick Island only at the end of April herself. The cat appeared on the porch two days later, apparently none the worse for the wear. What’s extraordinary about this already-extraordinary event? To get home, Porsche had to find and cross a bridge—probably the one over Point Pleasant Canal—to get home. He’d never made that journey before.

“I am astounded, I’ll tell you, that he made it,” Roberts said.

Having been around cats, though, I presume Porsche walked in, yowled about wanting to be fed, ate, then promptly ingored her frantic owner to go take a nap. Cats! Loyal in their own special way!