Meet the One Guy Who Voted Against LeBron for MVP

LeBron James was all set to become the first NBA player ever to win the Most Valuable Player Award unanimously. And then Boston Globe basketball writer Gary Washburn decided to vote for Carmelo Anthony. Washburn did it ostensibly because he thought ‘Melo mattered more to his team than LeBron did, but maybe, just maybe, somewhere deep in his subconscious, this was payback for last year’s Celtics-Heat game 7.

Whatever the reason for the vote, Washburn is super defensive about the pick and wrote a column explaining that he had no grudge. So adamant was he to prove he wasn’t trying to derail LBJ, he made the exact same point in consecutive sentences.

When the voting was announced Sunday afternoon, I was flabbergasted to learn I was the lone voter among 121 to not give LeBron a first-place vote, truly believing Anthony, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and perhaps even Kobe Bryant would snag a first-place vote or two.

Firstly, when I submitted my vote in mid-April, I had no idea I would be the only voter to leave LeBron out of first.

When LeBron found out a lone sportswriter voted against him, he assumed the dissenter was a New York writer (the Heat are playing the Knicks). Little did he know, Boston was still haunting him, long after its team stopped beating him on the court. [Globe]