Delaware Watch: House to Vote on Marriage-Equality Bill Tomorrow [UPDATED]

The bill's sponsors say they are optimistic it will pass.

You are now entering a gay-marriage-friendly state.

Tomorrow, Delaware’s House of Representatives will vote on HB75, a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state. The Advocate reports that lawmakers are optimistic the bill will pass. In the article, State Rep. Melanie George Smith, who introduced the bill, says she expects a majority of the House “will do the right thing and vote to support equality in Delaware.”

State Rep. Mike Ramone, the only Republican to sponsor the bill, agrees, but expressed aggravation in his party’s resistance. “I wish we had a Republican Party that focused more on how we can make the world better through fiscal responsibility. … And if there are social environments that aren’t hurting anyone else by their actual ability to participate in them on an equal basis, I don’t know that we should be involved in that.”

G Philly will be following all of tomorrow’s updates. Stay tuned!

Updated [6:08 p.m., 4/23/2013]: House votes to approve marriage-equality bill. Click here for more details.

Updated [4:38 p.m., 5/1/2013]: Senate Committee approves Delaware marriage equality bill, sending it on to the Senate for a full vote. Click here for more details.

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