Jimmy Fallon, Dancing Incredibly Awkwardly with Bill Cosby

Cosby was on Fallon last night, and it took him half the segment to get to his chair. That’s because he was busy dancing to reggae music, which he says doesn’t even like: “It’s sort of like dancing with one leg shorter than the other.” Fallon, for his part, flails awkwardly and spends a lot of time bending over in forced laughter. Not because Cosby isn’t funny, but because Cosby was literally taking over his show and he didn’t know what else to do.


By the time they get to the actual interview, Cosby basically calls Jimmy out for fake-laughing, resulting in another round of fake-laughing and desk-slapping. Then again, it’s written into Jimmy Fallon’s new “Tonight Show” contract that he become less hip, to appeal to the old-timers. So maybe this was just a dry run.


Here’s the Cosby show scene the Roots crew were referencing, when they cued up the song.