First FriGAY: Jaden Remy Keeps it Raunchy at Gallery Kinetic

Plus: An Attic Youth Center benefit at Bluestone Art Gallery and an artsy after party at Fire & Ice.

“My art is raunchy and thats how i like it … i’m not one to play it safe,” that’s how local artist Jaden Remy describes his work leading up to his show tonight at his NoLibs art space Gallery Kinetic. Remy, a mixed-media artist whose body-focused works incorporate everything from illustrations and design to photography, will be joined by fellow Moore College of Art and Design artist Marissa Koupf. He says Koupf’s work — mostly dark, realist body sketches inspired by the female figure — is a perfect complement to his own, because “She does a lot of the body … evoking emotions such as anxiety [and depression],” plus, he says, “we both like it raunchy.” 7 p.m.-10 p.m., free, Gallery Kinetic, 831 N. Second St.,

To off-balance all the rawness going on at Gallery Kinetic, swing by Bluestone Art Gallery to swoon over the adorable works in “Mashup.” The pieces within were created by young members of the Attic Youth Center (AYC) and tweaked by professional artists, hence the whole mashup idea. The result is a vibrantly colorful blending of images of animals and human beings that’s nothing short of daggone cute. And 30 percent of all sales will benefit AYC. 5 p.m.-9 p.m., exhibit showing through April 15, free, Bluestone Fine Art Gallery, 142 N. Second St.,

For you after-party types, Bluestone is showcasing artwork by some of the artists involved in “Mashup” at a swanky soiree in Old City. Called Muse, the evening will feature live art by Steve Shorts and body painting by Dylee. Exciting tip: Former G Philly editor Natalie Hope McDonald will be among those showing art at the event, including a recently finished mixed-media piece entitled Walking Home at Night (pictured above.) 10 p.m., $5, complimentary VIP bottle service for those who arrive before midnight, Fire & Ice, 312 Market St.,

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