With All Those Religious Holidays Ending, It’s Time for Penn’s First-Ever “Sex Week”

Did you know that “Everyone masturbates?” Well, thanks to flyers promoting Penn’s first-ever “Sex Week,” now you do. Modeled after Yale’s controversial version, the program was created because, as one organizer put it, “there’s so much people don’t know about sex, because they’re either denied the information or they’re too ashamed to seek it out.”

Men, usually shy about asking for directions, will probably appreciate Logan Levkoff’s lecture “The Female Orgasm.” Women, relatedly, may enjoy Jay Michaelson’s “Reclaiming Pleasure.” And everyone may be too embarrassed to show up at “The Ins and Outs of Masturbation.” The Week starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday. Below is the official event video, with obligatory When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene.* [Daily Pennsylvanian]

*Update: This post originally made at (attempted) humorous reference to one of the week’s event “Take Back the Night, which is dedicated to raising awareness about sexual violence against women. Excuse the light-hearted tone used above. Clearly it wasn’t warranted.