Penn Sues Wharton…for Not Being Wharton

Last month we featured the Perelman vs. Perlman saga. This month, it’s Wharton vs. Wharton. UPenn is suing a California business education something or other called the Wharton Business Foundation, which appears to be trying to capitalize on the business school’s name to appear a little less shady.

You can see where Penn is coming from here:

Wharton Business Foundation operates a website with the Wharton name and offers services including business education and business consultation through its Wharton Business Foundation University, according to the complaint. The company also advertises and maintains a toll-free phone number (888) 4- WHARTON, the university said in its filing.

And while Penn is certainly displeased to be associated with such an organization, one wonders how many aspiring business students ended up overpaying for a tutorial on direct mail marketing, thinking they were earning an Ivy League degree. [Bloomberg]