Chink’s Steaks Changing Name, Because, You Know

Chink’s Steaks, which opened in 1949, was so named because its first owner Samuel Sherman had “almond-shaped” eyes. Now, with the help of a branding specialist (you really didn’t need a branding specialist to figure this one out), current owner Joe Groh has seen the light, and will change the name to “Joe’s Steaks and Soda Shop.” “It is very important to me, my family and the entire staff that we no longer inadvertently alienate anyone in the Philly community,” Groh said.

His Mom, ever sensible, has been lobbying him to change the name to “Joe’s” since at least 2008. Philadelphia magazine, by contrast, named a petition against the name “worst complaint” of 2004. With Joey Vento gone and Chink’s no longer insulting Asian people, the realm of racially insensitive cheesesteaks may be coming to an end. For more on why this actually makes us more like the Confederate South today (yup), click here. [Foobooz]