Local Drag Queen Honored with Her Own Day

Mark your calendars, March 15 will forever be Brittany Lynn Day in the city of Philadelphia.

Brittany Lynn and City Council rep Scott Brown.

Local drag icon Brittany Lynn (aka Ian Morrisson) was presented with a citation over the weekend, but it wasn’t for parking those long legs in a handicap spot or knocking some other queen on her ass in the Gayborhood. At ProBar AC on Sunday — the last stop of her two-week birthday bonanza — Lynn was presented with certificates from the City of Philadelphia and the Mummers Fancy Brigade Association (MFBA) for organizing the ground-breaking drag performance that concluded this year’s Mummers Parade. The award, which was presented by president of MFBA Jim Julia, says, “He succeeded with a show, that added to a tradition that is over one hundred years old. His dedication to the City of Philadelphia, the Mummers, and the Fancy Brigade Association has added “DRAG” to the City and to the Fancy Brigade Finale.”

City Council representative Scott Brown delivered the citation, which laid out all the work Lynn did to organize the Mummers performance — touting everything from her work organizing the talent and meeting with city officials to soliciting funds for the performers’ costuming needs. And if all that wasn’t enough, the gal was also honored with her own day. That’s right, mark your calendars, because March 15 will forever be Brittany Lynn Day in Philadelphia, and I can’t think of a better reason to call in to work and day-drink your face off.

The above video — shot and edited by Philly videographer Jon CR — captures bits of the presentation.

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